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«I am Diego and I want to tell you our story»

Diego de la Campa

Diego de la Campa Corcuera

⚊ founder

About us

We are a marketplace of ETF investment professionals that connects portfolios developed by experts with investors interested in growing their money, through an online platform.

How was this idea born? Simple: with the desire to do things differently. Everything happens online. Why not investing? My team and I have been in the sector for several years, with experience in different areas so we thought of a formula that would allow us to create an investment model accessible to new generations that would also encourage new ways of working. We democratized financial advice and investment in the same place.

Our goal is clear: to revolutionize the financial sector.

We have been operating for two years and we work every day to grow our community of experts, connect with investors and continue transforming the industry.



Diego de la Campa Corcuera

⚊ founder

Industrial Engineer, fintech entrepreneur (finance + technology), winner of the "Best Digital Strategy 2016 of the Financial Sector" awarded by the Mexican Internet Association.

Diego has more than 17 years of experience in the fund industry and ETFs industries and in the development of investment fund systems that have been used by financial institutions, clients and the main financial media in Mexico.

In the last 10 years he has raised more than 3 billion pesos in client investments, focused mainly on creating systems that provide advice through the Internet.

Team Members


Esteban Valladares

Esteban has a degree in Economics and is currently responsible for the experts support at Investore. He has extensive experience in the financial sector where he has served as a funds advisor and commercial positions. He holds an AMIB certification.


Luis Juárez

Luis has a degree in Economics and is currently in charge of assisting investors at Investore. In addition to a family business, he has experience in the financial sector as a data and sales analyst in the fields of investment funds and ETFs.


Erick Gamez

Erick is a Systems Engineer and is currently in charge of the Investore development area. He has a vast experience in the development and implementation of computer technologies, mainly web site development and internal control systems and integration of third-party tools.

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