Frequent Questions

What is Investore?

Investore is a platform on which investment professionals can create portfolios and receive payment for allowing millennial investors from around the world to invest in them.

Millennials will soon become the group with the most economic potential, and most of them need a financial advisor but prefer to invest online. That is why we created Investore.

How can an investor replicate my portfolio?

Investore carries out different campaigns so that the investor can reach the platform and review the catalogue of professionals where the portfolios of each of them can be found. When an investor decides to invest in a portfolio, opens an account and then invests in the same composition as the portfolio (through a broker-dealer and a custodian).

Can I advertise my portfolios?

Yes, you can share your personal link through social networks so that people can visit your profile and see only your portfolios and invest in them. Also, if you like, you can pay an extra cost to the platform to advertise your portfolios within our networks to have a greater reach.

Who does Investore work with?

Investore works with ViewTrade as a broker dealer and Apex as a custodian.

How is the opening process for investors?

The process to open an account for an investor is through our website, Everything is done online. Investors provide their personal data and documents, which are sent to the broker to open their account.

What is the minimum opening amount for investors?

We do not have a minimum opening amount.

How many and which issuers can I register in my portfolio?

You can choose from over 100 issuers and over 1800 EFTs. Some of the operators you can choose from are BlackRock, Citigroup, Allianz, Vanguard, Principal, New York Life and JP Morgan, among others.

Is Investore registered?

Yes. We are registered as an Investment Adviser Firm with the S.E.C. in the United States. You’re an review the registration here.

What can I get by registering my portfolios with Investore?

When you create your portfolios at Investore and investors replicate them, you will be able to generate income and reach an unattended market in the financial sector, the millennials.

What are the advantages of registering my portfolios with Investore?

You get income for each person who follows and invests in your portfolio.

You gain access to the new generations, specifically the millennials, who will have the greatest purchasing power in the coming years. There are no forced terms nor minimum investment requirements for investors.

In addition, you do not increase your regulatory compliance since Investore is the one who undertakes it.

How much can I earn with Investore?

The commission is decided by each professional for each of their portfolios; it is a monthly fee for each investor who uses the portfolio, regardless of the amount they invest. From the commission you decide, we subtract $3 per month for the services of the broker and custodian. From the remaining amount, 50% is for Investore and 50% for the portfolio creator. Your percentage can be increased according to your level.

Additionally, Investore charges a one-time fee for each investor who starts following your portfolio that will be deducted from your commissions, which will depend on your level.

See the complete information on the Pricing page.

What are the fees charged to the investor?

The investor must pay the commission of the portfolio they chose on a monthly basis regardless of the amount they invest. Learn more about what investors pay at

How much do I have to pay when I register at Investore?

The registration to the platform and the creation of your portfolios is free of charge.

Can I increase the fee I charge investors for using my portfolios?

No. You can decrease it if you wish, but not increase it.

How often would I receive the commissions generated by my portfolios?

You will receive the commission you decided on for each of your portfolios month by month during the first 15 calendar days following the prior the month, and it will be deposited in the bank account in your name that you will register in your profile.

Consider that there is a minimum amount of $ 100 USD for each deposit.

What obligations does Investore have?

Investore's obligations are outlined in the "Service Provider Agreement" (Your Contract) found in your profile, which you will sign electronically as part of your registration. This agreement establishes the payment of commissions, obligations and rights, privacy, intellectual property, among others.

What is the minimum amount I have to generate in order to have my commissions deposited?

You must generate a minimum of 100 USD in order for us to make a transfer to you; in case you generate a lower amount during any month, we will accumulate it in the next month until the amount reaches the minimum. You must take into account that depositing your commissions will generate an extra cost depending on each country.

What fees should I pay?

For each investor who uses one of your portfolios, you will have to pay a one-time fee of 10 USD which will be deducted from your first commissions. From the commission you have decided to charge month to month, Investore will keep 50% and you will keep the remaining 50%. This percentage and the one-time fee are reduced more depending on your level on the platform.

How many portfolios can I register?

Depending on the level you reach on the platform, we will give you a number of free portfolios to register; if you want to register more portfolios, they will have an extra cost.

What kind of ETFs can I register?

You can register ETFs of the following types: private equity, fixed income, alternatives, asset allocation, commodities and currencies from different issuers.

How do you measure the returns of my portfolio?

The Investore system calculates the returns of each of the ETFs included in your portfolio on a daily basis, taking into account the changes you have made to your portfolio and the weighting each ETF has on it.

If the investor has a loss at some point in time, how can I communicate with them to give them peace of mind?

At Investore you cannot provide advisory services to investors. Investore carries out campaigns for investors to give them peace of mind in difficult times.

What information do you ask for in my profile?

We ask for a photograph, a short description of your experience, your certification details and at least one social network. All these data are requested so that investors get to know you better. You can also upload a URL to a company's account.

Can I unsubscribe from the platform whenever I want?

Yes, when you no longer wish to have any relationship with the platform, just send an email to: with the reason for the cancellation and your account will be closed.

What rules should I follow?

At Investore we try to ensure that both the investor and the professional have the best experience within the portal. Therefore, we implement the following basic rules to ensure a healthy coexistence:

  • All the data you provide on the platform must be true and easy to check.
  • Do not neglect your investors. Make the necessary changes whenever you think it is convenient.
  • The bank account you register with Investore must be in your name.
  • You must log in to the platform and check your portfolios at least once a month.
  • Don't forget to sign your contract; in case you don't sign it, we won't be able to make your commission deposits.

What requirements must I meet in order to register as a professional at Investore?

  • Have experience in the financial sector as an advisor, operator and/or investment agent.
  • You or your company must have a local certification in investments in financial markets.

What is the process I have to follow to allow investors to use any of my portfolios?

  1. Create your account and provide your personal or company contact information.
  2. Register your first portfolio by selecting the monthly fee you would like to earn and the ETFs that will make up your portfolio.
  3. Complete your profile with your company logo or a personal photo, certification details and other personal information.

Investore will then publish your portfolio on the investor portal including the return it has generated since its creation, without revealing the names of the ETFs that compose it.

When an investor wants to invest in any of your portfolios, Investore will open its account and ensure that their funds are invested in the same ETFs and percentages that you specified.

Who can see the composition of my portfolios?

We know that the composition of your investment portfolio is very valuable, product of years of knowledge and experience. That is why we protect it and only the investors who pay you will be able to see its exact composition.

Do you need more information?

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